Monday, October 3, 2011

Road Trip, Part III- Zion National Park

Although we weren't in a rush to get home, we decided to only spend a couple days in Zion.

Originally, we were going to spend at least one day in Death Valley and one or two days in Yosemite.

-This quickly changed with the weather-

So, after our second night camping in Zion we all decided to drive in to Death Valley that night and camp. All the camp sites were full anyway.

Before leaving that afternoon, we took a couple easy strolls through the park- we were all very very sore from the days previous activity.

Zion really is quite stunning.

I can't wait to go back again.

AH-MAZ-ING, like for real.

I look giant.

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1 comment:

Patricia. said...

Though I was raised in the east, I consider Utah my home because of beautiful places like this. I feel more safe, more loved, and happier to be alive here more than anywhere else in the world. I think everyone should experience the desert at least once.

Super glad you came to my neck of the woods!