Sunday, October 2, 2011

Road Trip Part I: CA to UT

Aaron's cousins are visiting from Australia for 3 weeks.

We thought we would show them the best of western USA by taking them on a short road trip from California to Utah, and back.

We were going to Utah to visit Zion National Park. Aaron and I love National Parks.

Once in Zion, the plan was to go canyoning in "The Subway".

We checked the weather Tuesday afternoon for Zion and discovered that thunderstorms were expected as soon as Friday afternoon.

This meant that we had to leave on Wednesday morning.

The only safe day to conquer this canyon was on Thursday- getting stuck in a slot canyon during a flash flood is very very bad news.

Unless you want to die, then Friday would be your best bet.

Choosing life, we quickly got our things together Tuesday afternoon and set our alarms for 3:30am Wednesday morning.

Getting to Utah from California takes approximately 12 hours- without stopping.

We stopped. A lot. To take pictures.

After all, it is a road trip.

It took us about 14.5 hours.

Aaron and I split up the driving, and got in to Utah just in time to set up the tents before dark.

The drive was long, but beautiful. And entering Zion made it all worth it.

After a couple hours of driving, the sun started to show its face from behind the Eastern Sierras.

Aaron loves Hawks.
This one was just hanging out, looking for its next meal.
It really was stunning.

Saw-Tooth Ridge.
One day I will climb this with Aaron.
Not speeding was very very difficult.
Mono Lake

Part II: The Subway
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