Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life Changes...

Starting tomorrow I will be going vegetarian.

Most of you could probably care less, and I don't blame you. 

But, this blog (for me) is more than just fashion and wedding planning.  It is about my life and the changes that come with each new day.  In many ways it is a journal/scrapbook wound into one.  I blog for me.  If I inspire others, even better.

Anyway, back to meat...

I have had periods throughout my life where I have given up certain foods- beef, pork, cheese, fish.  But, these periods have always come and gone (except fish, I still don't eat fish unless I know exactly where/how it was caught).

I am not giving up meat for dietary reasons or because too many hamburgers will inevitably make anyone fat (unless you are blessed with a super powered metabolism).

I am giving it up because,

1.  The meat (chicken, beef, pork) that I can afford is born and bred and killed inhumanely. No animal should suffer because they taste good and I want to eat them.  No animal should live in their own filth for the short duration of their miserable lives, stuffed with unnatural hormones and die, in most cases, slowly.  

In case you didn't know:  
chickens are killed first by hanging them upside down by their two legs (if they're lucky), a process called shackeling.  This, as you can imagine, is very painful.  Then, the crippled birds' heads and bodies are then "...dragged through a splashing electrified water trough called a “stunner.” This immobilizes the birds and paralyzes their muscles. Finally, the paralyzed but fully conscious birds' throats are cut.  Now, unfortunately many times their arteries are not severed thoroughly enough to insure a fast death.  All the birds, still alive, bleed to death still hanging upside down.  Those that do not die in the 90 seconds designated for bleeding out, finally die by drowning in pools of blood or are boiled to death in the scalding tanks of water all the chickens find themselves in.

If you want more information, please visit website here

I will not go in to detail on how other livestock is killed, but if you are not aware and would like to know how the meat you are eating got to your plate, there are some amazing documentaries out there.  Such as, 

2.  I am giving up chicken, pork, beef, etc. because they require an intense amount of natural resources to be raised, killed and transported to the market.

3. I will never eat FISH again.  Please, please wake up!  The fish are disappearing.  Our oceans are nearly empty.  Our children and grand children will never know what Tuna tastes like because we enjoyed our sushi a little too much.  If you need fish in your diet, please start asking questions about where/how it was caught.  We are killing the greatest resource we have.  The greatest treasure in the world: our Oceans. 

Please, watch these documentaries. At least know what is happening to OUR world.

(Such as, I had no idea clubbing of baby seals still happens every year.  How many? Over 400,000.  For what?  Vanity and power.  Do you know what the word CLUBBING means?)

4. I am giving up all meat because I can live a healthy and happy life without it.  I do not need to give high ranking government officials my money so they can continue their selfish quest for more.

One day, if I can afford to have my own farm with my own livestock, I will start eating meat again.  At least with my own livestock I will know they lived a life without suffering and died in the most humane way possible.  If I cannot obtain this, it will be ok.  I will be ok.

This is obviously something I am very passionate about.  And if I had bigger balls, I would go join the Sea Shepard myself.  Paul Watson is my new hero, and smarter than most give him credit for.  Since I don't have big balls, I am doing what I can.  If it opens just one persons eyes, then I will have succeeded in doing something.

Please think about it.  

I will not judge those that don't care.  I will not banish those people from my life who eat all forms of meat.  That will get me no where, and make me a much more miserable person.  

All I ask is that you think about it.

Netflix has all the movies shown above on streaming.  You can also find them online or download them.

For anyone that read this entire post, I thank you.
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Raven said...

Ok so I LOVED this, I agree with everything and honestly? I had no idea about the fish!! I still eat fish regularly, because out of all the meat, I thought it was the healthiest. I am so renting those three movies you posted and I will let you know what I think!

We actually do buy a grass fed organic fed cow from a local farmer, so if/when I do decide to eat meat, if I feed it to my kids, I know it won't kill them.

awesome post I loved it!

Abby said...

This post is great. I'm a vegetarian and I love it.

Ash said...

as a life long vegetarian and recent raw foodists/vegan, i have to say I LOVE this post! You should really check out Forks over Knives, the documentary.. in my opinion, it is far superior to Food Inc. and actually makes a lot of "sense"... but, I warn you, you may turn into a vegan (if you are ready for that) after watching... but watch anyway!

lilmoomoo said...

I just read this entire post :)
I always read the whole post!

I actually just saw how cows were killed the other night, it was a scene in another documentary called "Life in a Day". It's not a pro-vegetarian movie, but just clips from a bunch of ppl all over the world that were sent in from a random day..

ANYWAY. The scene snuck up on me. I watched it, and I BAWLED. Straight up bawled.

I've been considering going vegetarian.. Or at least not eating beef, pork, or chicken..
However, I know that I own boots and purses that are made of real leather, I can't say that I will be able to stop eating eggs.. (which also makes me sad.. because I know how those are "harvested" most times.. It's just HARD because where do you draw the line!

It also makes it difficult when you have a serious meat and potatoes guy as your husband...

I'm still very much so considering it.
I haven't had any meat since watching the movie..
It may stay that way for awhile..

Interesting post ;)


Sarah Weickhardt said...

I'm a vegetarian as well, though I still eat chicken and, rarely, fish. I actually just recently found a meat substitute called Quorn, it is rather delicious and looks slightly like chicken. (It may only be in Australia, as I shop at Coles like any normal Aussie) :)

I may now just stop eating chicken as well. I don't eat eggs though, they make me feel sick. (Egg fight at my youth group)

Keep on keeping on,

Mrs. Robinson said...

Wow. Is this serious?! I feel kind of dumb for admitting this, but this is the first I've EVER heard of anything like this. I've heard people say that they are vegetarians because of animal cruelty..but I honestly thought they just didn't like meat in the first place and thought the animals weren't treated like pets. I had NO clue all of this was going on...and I almost hate to believe it. =(

I have so many questions...

Like how do you stay full without protein?

Animals are still mistreated even if you don't eat them...does that ever make you feel "tempted" or doubtful that you're making a difference?

I am so somebody took the wind out of my sails. I love meat.. I didn't know ANY of this.