Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting My Feet Wet

Since I am new to the blog world, I guess I should introduce myself.

My name is Bailey. Actually, my name is Jessica, but I go by Bailey since half the girls born in the mid-80's were named Jessica, or Jess, or Jessie- thank you Mom and Dad. As I grew older, I became more frustrated knowing that half the girls in my class had the same name as me (I exaggerate, a little). So, I changed it to Bailey. But, if you really like the name Jessica you can call me that.

I just got engaged to the love of my life and best friend, Aaron. No wedding plans yet. If we had the money for a wedding celebration, we would definitely buy a house instead. Don't get me wrong, one day I will walk down the aisle in a beautiful white dress and eat the most amazing cake (since those are the two most important parts of a wedding) but no wedding plans yet.

The fiance and I have two amazing cats, Moose and Frankenstein. We adopted Moose almost 4 years ago and Frankenstein (Dinka) over one year ago. Moose is indolent, fearless and emotional. He loves sourdough bread. Frankenstein is spirited, anxious, and wants things her way all the time.
They are our children and they know it.

I plan on writing about life, love and happiness and throw in some crafts and cooking on the side.


If you have any questions, please email me or leave me a comment.
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