Monday, September 12, 2011

Into the Sun

After almost 5 months off, I started running again today. The past 5 months have been glorious. No running, no gym and no silly guilt. I've eaten what ever, when ever i've wanted. While I will never give up eating the foods I love, I miss getting my sweat on.

I have missed the feeling my whole body gets after a great work out...

In other words, I miss the endorphins.

My endorphin generator of choice is running. I LOVE running. Unfortunately, my body HATES it. I was not built to run long distances- thanks genetics. So, running workouts generally turn in to a war between mind and body. Mind tells me to keep going; tells me I feel gooooood. Body tells me STOP- your shins are shattering!

In the past, my mind would usually win and I have paid the price- shin splints, hip and knee problems, cortisone injections, etc.

Common sense: if something really hurts, stop what your doing to cause the pain. Duh. But, I'm stubborn and common sense doesn't always work on me.

After almost 5 months, however, it is time to start the running war again... just kidding. This time, now that my body is without pain, I am going to try something else. I am getting a gym membership. I am going to try something new, and a little scary- mix it up!

It's like when you listen to the same song, over and over, for three years straight- eventually your head will start to hurt. This is what happened to me. Now, my workout will combine yoga, spinning, weights, and... RUNNING!

After all, I would miss moments like this- moments alone with myself- far too much...

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