Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I dream of... Kitchens!

Until the fiance and I moved in with his family (temporarily), I used to cook every night of the week that we didn't have leftovers. After we moved I stopped cooking all the time. I still love to create my version of masterpieces in the kitchen, but I've found that sharing the kitchen with two other women (his mom and grandma) is more difficult than I originally anticipated.

First- the kitchen is too small for more than one person to cook at the same time. No matter how hard we all try, we always seem to be in each others way.

Second- if we all cooked each day we would prepare enough food to feed a small, very hungry army. There are only four people living in this house (unless you count Moose who can eat as much as a grown adult). Wasting is not an option, so we eat everything we cook; yes, sometimes it takes us up to a week.

Last, it's not MY kitchen. It just isn't my space. This is not meant to be taken as a complaint. The kitchen is perfectly adequate; in fact it has more gadgets than I know how to use. I just haven't "bonded" with the kitchen yet. As a result, I often fantasize about the kitchen Aaron and I will one day have. To avoid heart-breaking disappointment, I try not to get overly excited or too unrealistic.

This lasts a whole 5 seconds.

Wish List
(warning: I don't not know design terms)

It needs to be a country kitchen with modern touches
Island with a wooden top (like a cutting board)
White with yellow and light blue accents
Brick somewhere. I LOVE brick.
Ginormous refrigerator
Over-sized sink
Large bright windows
Cabinets with glass-to see dishes
Pots and pans hanging from a rack over the island
Gas stove with at least 6 burners and double oven
Breakfast area with a table that has a bench and colorful pillows
Clearly labeled storage containers, jars and baskets in a designated area

This isn't too much to ask. Right??

Just kidding. I haven't completely lost my mind, but it's fun to dream anyway.

The colors and the exposed beams. I love so much about this kitchen.

I would trade any other stove for this one. It is beautiful. And the brick work!

Hanging pots, it really is a must have. I hate digging around for the right pot or pan.

Wood counter tops.

This kitchen just makes me happy. I can't help it. I don't think Aaron would be too thrilled if he came home to a kitchen that color.

Everything about this kitchen screams, COUNTRY! I love it!

Brick, brick, brick.

Storage heaven. I am a bit OCD when it comes to organization...
I take that back- things will either be OCD organized or not organized at all.

Love the large window and turquoise paint!

Simply pretty. That's all.

What are your kitchen must haves??
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