Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY (Cheap) Bracelets

Unless you count scrapbooking, you can think of me as a beginning crafter. I am creative, at least my mom always told me so, I just don't know how to transform ideas into tangible things. This known, I am starting with the basics. Something cheap and easy.

I went to Micheal's and got the necessary supplies.

What you'll need:

Embroidery Floss- be creative, use as many different colors as you want.
Simple chain (aka cheap) - found in the jewelry making department
2 bobby pins

(Please forgive the less than perfect photos to follow)

To start- get all the necessary supplies together. After you have decided what colors you want to use, cut strands to desired length (approx. 2 feet-I like extra). In my case, I wanted more light yellow than orange and more light blue than turquoise. Knowing this, I cut approximately 8 strands of the lighter colors and 3 strands or the darker colors. You can determine this ratio depending on your style and color contrast preference.

Knot the two strands of colors (here, yellow/orange and blue/turquoise) together. Leave at least 2 inches of embroidery floss at one end and the remaining floss at the other end.

Now we can start braiding.
The beginning is the most difficult part and requires a little bit of patience.
Using the bobby pins, separate the color strands. I looped the blue through the top link of the chain first.
Follow the following steps. Each color will be looped through each link once. When I made my first bracelet, I confused myself and alternated links with each color. Just remember that each color will loop through each link.

You will quickly start to see the braid forming. The farther along you get, the easier it becomes. Once you reach the appropriate length to fit your wrist, tie the the floss into a knot at the end.

In my case, I bought a meter long chain. Obviously, I don't have wrists that large. So, I had the wonderful fiance cut the chain for me.

Tie together and trim ends of floss if they are too long.

Happy crafting!
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